Xosar - World Of Illusion

by Xosar



The Dutch Pinkman label is back with a new EP from Xosar, who debuts on the label and covers release number 10. Xosar is the Berlin based, American born producer who has excelled on LIES and Rush Hour with a unique, experimental sound that draws heavily on the hardware she uses as well as a live, freeform approach to arrangement. Here she comes correct once more with two new cuts of mystic techno.

‘World Of Illusion’ goes first and marries reverb rich claps and cacophonous hi hats with a tough bassline. Spritely and nimble and with thumping kicks down below, various bleeps, serene string sounds and glassy melodies colour the groove and make for engaging listening. On the flip, ‘Phasers of Eden’ is a kinetic fusion of ticking percussion, molten synths and withering chords that works you into an ethereal and otherworldly trance. Still with some all important drum funk powering things along down below, this is another idiosyncratic winner from Xosar.

"Xosar does it again. Two strong tracks. 'World of Illusion' is one to get lost in. Trance music done proper!"
Mark Forshaw ((Mathematics/Tabernacle/Computer Controlled), Liverpool)

"Whoa Phasers is dope! Will play. Thanks!!"
Ambivalent (Delft, Berlin)

"'Phasers' is my pick but 'World of Illusion' is really interesting"
Circular Rhythms (Scenery)

"she was the highlight of Sustain-Release for me last fall - feelin "Phasers" !"
Gamall Awad (Backspin , Brooklyn)

"phasers of eden gets me"
Richard Zepezauer (Nsyde Music, Berlin)

"Phasers Of Eden is the one for me!"
Tom Dicicco (Run Out Run//The Corner)

"not for me, thanks"
Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808, Zagreb)

"Great as always!"
Chille jr. (Night Moves@Framed.fm, Croatia)

"Love her ! Brilliant as usual ..."
Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant)

"Great EP! Love it"
Clara Moto (InFiné)

"Mystic techno indeed. Psychick Warriors ov Gaia reemerge!"
Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast / Oor / Kindamuzik.net, Den Haag)

"Phasers of eden is a Gem!"
Bleak (Skudge / Delsin, Stockholm)

"Love it"
Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound, London)

"not for mr"
Ksoul (Ksoul & MuteOscillator, TORINO)

"phasers of eden for me"
Adam (3brecords, Liverpool)

"phasers of eden rulez"
Gingy (Clone, Toronto)

"More dope jams from Xosar: "Phasers of Eden" is definitely one for the box. NICE"
Owain Kimber (Innate, Bristol)

"Phasers of Eden is the better of the two tracks for me."
Nubian Mindz

"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"
Craig Hollywood (RTRFM)

"will check this."
Alex .Do (Dystopian)

"‘Phasers of Eden’ sounds very cool."
Chris SSG (Interstice(ssg))

"phasers of eden is hot"
Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Brooklyn)

"Love both tracks here. Thanks"
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka)

"not this time, sorry."
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"both tracks are brilliant, but much more into 'World Of Illusion', nice lo-fi sound. Thanks."
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

"World of Illusion is absoultely awesome, but too lo-fi to play out...sad :((( Phasers is also a great track.."
Vince Watson (Bedrock / Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba, Amsterdam)

"big hearts for xosar!!!!!!!!!!"
Carlos Valdes (Studio Soulrock, Amsterdam)

"healthy record! nice one"
Clouds (Turbo, Glasgow)

"healthy record! nice one"
Clouds (Turbo, Glasgow)

"world of illusion sounds great! thanks"
Anton Pieete (Rejected)

"Testing both this sunday. Pinkman + Xosar, what a marriage.. Thanks !"
Rogér (Deathmetaldiscoclub, Amsterdam)

"World Of Illusion is magic!"
Giles Armstrong

"phasers of eden has a nice flow to it"
Pris (Resin)

"i'm really into "world of illusion" euphoric! thanks"
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD)

alex cortex

"Phasers of eden for me, thanks!"
Simone Gatto (OUT-ER)

"world of illusion!"
BNJMN (Rush Hour / Delsin, Berlin)

"Will play on The Outta Limits Radio Show for sure, will work well in the last 40 mins. Thanks. D"
Damo (Outta Limits Radio Show, Greater Manchester)

"World of illusion for me"
Benoît Carretier (Tsugi, Paris)

"Phasers of Eden for me!"
Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)

"Diggin' the mysterious vibe of World Of Illusion. Phasers is a keeper as well. Great work!"
Darko Esser (Doornroosje, Nijmegen)

"both are very cool, but I'll be playing Phasers!"
Roger Gerressen (OGUN/LLN/FOF/SuddenDrop/FDF/ESHU, Nijmegen)

"Phasers of Eden for me. Thanks!"
Lakker / Eomac (R&S / Killekill)

Rivet (Skudge Present, Kontra-Musik)

Erol Alkan (Phantasy Sound)

"Phasers the pick for me but not really my style. Thanks."
Dave TTB (TOTHEBONE, London)

Randomer (Hemlock, London)

"Phasers is a bomb"
Tomaz (www.22tracks.com, Sint Pieters Leeuw)

"downloaded for r hawtin"
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin)

"really like PHASERS OF EDEN"
Laurent Garnier

"thank you for the music!"

"cool electronica - will road test thanx"
Slam (Soma Records)

"Sorry not for me. Thank you anyway"
Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles)

"I just love Xosar's unique blend of mystical house and technp. Phasers Of Eden is another case in point. DOPE!"
Sven VT (De-bug, Berlin)


released April 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Pinkman Rotterdam, Netherlands

Record label founded in 2013 by Marsman.

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